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The mission of the Federation is to promote the balance between the spirit and body thus to result the application of "healthy spirit in healthy body" ideology as well as the existence of a healthy generation.
"SHIDOKAN" translated from Japanese means Samurai (solder), SHI-Samurai, Spirit of DO-the Way, KAN-Group or Training hall. It was established 25 years ago in Japan by the great masters of the past. Shidokan includes itself a combination of the best tricks different martial arts such as karate, Thai kickboxing, aikido, jiu-jitsu and judo.                                                     
Shidokan is a specific kind of sports art today. Shidokan karate is considered as a Samurai karate, because of its history, philosophy and ethical qualities. It goes back to the rich history of the martial art development of Okinawa and Japan. The tournaments of Shidokan are always celebrated with a great pride, they are passionate and attract big audience.


 Shidokan World Karate Association

The history of Shidokan begins in 1981 when the legendary Karate master Yoshiji Soeno founded the Shidokan World Karate Association :
  At a very young age Yoshiji Soeno starts practicing Judo and Kendo and at the age of fifteen he first meets Karate. Over many years Yoshiji Soeno was practicing as Uchi Deshi (home student) by the great master, the founder of Kyokushinkai Karate Masutatsu Oyama. Later, being an experienced fighter Yoshiji Soeno decides to challenge his abilities and heads for fights with Muay Thai fighters in Bangkok, Thailand. This event predetermined his way of practicing martial arts for the coming years. 
   The Shidakan Karate is a full-contact dynamic and tough Karate style incorporating elements of classical Karate, Muay Thai, and wrestling. This versatility was the cause of rapid development of Shidokan around the whole world. Shidokan tournaments gather huge crowds of people in different countries. Moreover, the Shidokan fighters are also established warriors of other full-contact styles.      


"Shindokai-Kan International League"

The Federation is established in 1998 in Stuttgart, Germany by the representatives of seven countries. The president of the Federation is Mr. Gilles Richard and has 7th Dan of qualification.
Gilles Richard has done a great deal of work for the development of Shidokan. In 2007 he decided to found an International League which was called "Shindokai-Kan International League" and became its President.

Shidokan Karate National Federation of the Republic of Armenia
The Federation is registered in 2003, but its history goes back to 1995. Mr. Baghdasar (Husik) Mirzikyan is the president and the founder of the Federation and has been re-elected several times. Mr. Mirzikyan was born in 1965 and has Black Belt qualification European style. Meanwhile is the appointed representative of the European Federation in the Republic of Armenia. He is fond of martial arts when he was 14 only and since then he was able to learn and achieve successes in different styles of martial arts. He started to experience Shidokan since 2003. Since the date of its establishment the Federation in cooperation with the European Federation has organized and participated in different tournament, trainings and events in Armenia as well as in other foreign countries of Europe and Eurasia. The Federation has branches, sports schools and sports clubs.

The goals and objectives of the Federation
The goals of the Federation include promotion of several dimensional developments of sports in Armenia, actively promotion of establishing Shidokan karate schools, clubs, union in the different provinces of Armenia, organize and conduct different sports events in Armenia and outside of country.
In order to develop Shidokan Karate in Armenia we aim to approach and cooperate with different foreign partners, organizations as well as donors.                              

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