Our organization  is built up on the principles of democracy, culture of contact and is aimed at study and practice of martial art  of Shidokan Karate & K-1Boxing


Very often youth and girls aged 20-30  think that starting in Karate in this age is already late when you have no sports experience. And in our days, in a century of hypodynamia, it is no worth to choose such an extreme sport like Karate.

Such questions and thoughts occur to people who are interested in romantice of Budo's way and in charm of Karate.They are ready to stand on that way by changing their everyday life. 

Here we are to answer all the questions you are interested in!
Starting up in Karate is late never and for nobody.

There is a case when  a man aged 50 came across life difficulties and he did not break down but took up the way of Budo and had achieved striking results!He managed to get ready and to pass the exam of Black belt gaining self-confidence ! And it is not a single instance! It goes without saying that Karate is a way available for everybody, both for men and women and in every age! And this is real, people not only want but also get trained mastering the art of Karate.

To most of you is difficult to imagine yourselves in a school gymnasium. Do you think that you can not do anything and can not train like a real sportsman-fighter? Do you think that you are going to train together with children? And that you are going to fight with a professional karate-fighter? 


All your fears are ABSOLUTELY UNFOUNDED! You are going to work with professionals who have experience of more than 15 years effective work! Our groups are formed only on the basis of ages of attendants      and the degree of their calisthenics. Our trainings pass in atmosphere of sincerity and friendliness. Training with us you will understand the democracy of Karate! Its accessibility for all and each, its ability to give everyone the thing he tends to find! Training with us you will be able to strengthen your health, gain self-confidence, find a new interesting circle of acquaintances and relations!!! 

Our leader - the Branch-Cheaf sensei Baghdasar Mirzikyan represents not only Shidokan Karate in Armenia, which includes Shidokan Karate, Kyokushin  Karate, Muai Thai, Kick Boxing, Grappling, Dju Djutsu Pankration and many other full contact martial systems, but he also represents the international organizations Shindokai Kan League, Ukado universal Karate, MMA Russia & , WORLD AMATEUR K-1 FEDERATION. 


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